We are Daymaker

It is hard to pinpoint why some stores sell better than others. What is it that the successful branches do that others don’t? The key to success can be many things; the store and its layout being optimal, the products being in stock, the staff asking the customer about their needs and their ability to identify room for further purchases, campaigns being followed up in the store etc.

Daymaker has multiple ways to help your store be more successful!
We are a professional partner when it comes to improving customer experiences in stores, over the phone and online. Our mission is to give your clients the best possible experience. If we can assist our clients in offering a better customer experience we are convinced that everyday life can be improved for many.
We are an international company, currently in 41 countries around the world for about 150 customers. We serve industries such as fashion, automotive, pharmaceutical, construction and telecommunications. Our customers include leading representatives of the market: Triumph, Inditex, Bestseller, Mazda, IKEA, and Husqvarna.

Our services:

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Calling

Mystery Web

Store Check

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  • Daymakerindex 2016 results

    The 2016 Daymakerindex is our largest and widest report yet. Based on approximately 2500 observations from 330 different retail chains in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Germany, Spain, France and Romania, it provides a unique opportunity to learn how customer service is evolving in Europe.


  • Daymaker is a part of MSPA Europe

    MSPA is an Europan organisation with professional businesses that work together to improve Mystery Shopping through common efforts and exchange of competence. Find out more at www.mspa-eu.org